Our style of yoga

PBPT_Harbour Yoga S1 for SM-25

The majority of our classes focus on a flowing sequence of postures that work every part of your body and challenge you mentally and physically. Classes take place in a warmed room to help muscles stretch safely, to support joint mobility and to encourage bodies to sweat and detoxify. Temperatures vary between 23 and 30 degrees depending on which class style you choose. Our aim is for you to leave invigorated, relaxed and ready for the next adventure.

To balance out your flow practice we also now offer restorative and yin yoga, which both focus on static (mainly supine and seated) postures held for time and use props to support the body as it lets go and releases.

Why Harbour?

The dictionary defines Harbour as ‘a place of refuge or safety’ and that’s what we aim to create – somewhere you can step out of the busy day-to-day, refocus and rejuvenate. We know from personal experience that spending time on your mat reaps benefits physically, mentally and spiritually (if it’s your thing) and that practising with others builds a sense of community and connectedness. We’re building the Harbour in Farnham – why not come and join us?