What people are saying about Harbour Yoga Farnham

‘Wow coming from an ex Martial Arts Instructor ‘Harbour Yoga’ presents a perfect balance of strength and peace, The class creates a great sense of calm and allows you to push your limits. Vicky is a fantastic Instructor, professional and very natural and knowing. It takes a lot for me to find any sense of Relaxation these days, plus the fast pace is keeping me  “fit” and “flexible”, I love this class……. Keep me posted on new classes in the area.’ Marielle

‘It feels like I  recharge my batteries and start the week feeling calm and empowered!’ Kathy

‘After a class with Vicky, you feel like you have been brought back to yourself. Although a very powerful class which certainly makes you sweat, there is also a great sense of relaxation and stillness to be achieved whilst working through the postures. Vicky is a very knowledge and patient teacher, always ready to offer a supportive comment or gently adjust an asana. Having practised yoga for many years, I feel I have finally found a class which offers all that yoga promises; exercise, openness, connectedness and deep relaxation. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone to one of Vicky’s classes, whether they are at the beginning of their yoga journey or a seasoned yogi.’ Amy

‘I can’t tell you how much I enjoy the class. You have thought of every detail to create the most perfect atmosphere. It is a real sanctuary from daily life. Coming to class each week is such a blissful experience.’ Kerry

‘I just wanted to say thank you for the classes, every time I come it’s exactly what I need.’ Dom

Morning Vicky, I just wanted to rave about last night’s class. I have chronic back ache and your class last night has made my back feel fantastic. All your classes are truly great and I always reap rewards but that was particularly welcome.’ Jo