30 - 31Aug

A series of workshops to ignite your practice and lift your spirit.
Cost: £25 per workshop (10% discount if all booked, contact vicky@harbouryoga.co.uk for more details).

Book directly online or contact Vicky.

Workshop 1 - Wednesday 30 Aug 2-4pm
Cleaning House: Opening the Chest, Neck, and Shoulders

Feeling stuck, tight, or tense in your upper body can create a slurry of other problems. Many of us spend hours seated at a desk, staring at a screen in a hunched and closed position, leading to back pain, tension headaches, and muscular fatigue. This class doesn’t claim to fix or cure any of those ailments, but it does highlight positive habits and you’ll work through a practice in releasing upper body tension from which we can all benefit. Expect to open the chest, take deeper breaths, stretch out and unravel the shoulders, neck, mid and upper back.

Workshop 2 - Thursday 31 Aug 9.30-11.30am
Stabilizing + Unwinding the Hips

“The Hips” is an often overgeneralized and collective term, used in yoga. There are many different chambers and pockets, nooks and crannies to this powerhouse of mobility. In this workshop, we work our way into, around, and through the entire hip junction with a yummy and fiery vinyasa flow practice, ending with a deep restorative portion in order to breathe both strength and range of motion back into this region.

Workshop 3 - Thursday 31 Aug 1-3pm
Emanation: A Practice from Your Centre

Your core is your fortress and your stronghold, yet many of us have such a hard time connecting to this place within the body. If you’ve ever felt insecure about your mid-section, you’re not alone. Forging deep and true strength in this area has nothing to do with building six-pack abs, and everything to do with finding balance and stability within challenge. This workshop focuses on circumferential stability, engaging not only the anterior chamber of the body, but also the lateral side body and the posterior chamber as well. You’ll find ways to embrace and move from your center with confidence.

Workshop 4 - Thursday 31 Aug 3.30-5.30pm
Calm the Storm: Restorative + Yin Practice

Life is often way too much go go go. Slow down in this class, chill for a bit, and unwind with purposeful yet lazy, restorative yin yoga. We’ll spend time opening the hips, spine, and shoulders while countering the negative effects of gravity on our bodies and a hectic lifestyle on our minds. Feel free to come in pajamas, bring your favorite pillow, and prepare for stretching your body back to its natural state of freedom and mobility. This class is yummy.

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