What do I need to bring?

Just yourself and a drink of water. We have mats and all the other props you'll need. However if you have a mat you like to practice on then by all means bring it along.

What should I wear?

Wear clothes that you are comfortable in, that will work when you get hot and sweaty (you will, we promise) and that won’t get in the way or fall down if you are upside down (which you may be).

I’ve never done yoga before, does that matter?

No, we all have to start somewhere. We have both Beginners classes, which are specifically targeted to those starting their yoga journey and Open classes are also suitable for beginners – there are resting postures for whenever your body needs to take a break. Each part of the sequence will be clearly explained. If you have questions or want any further guidance, you can always ask any of your teachers at the end of the practice.

Isn’t yoga for girls?

Not at all! More and more men are waking up to the benefits a regular yoga practice brings.

Top flight athletes in many sports now integrate yoga into their training (Andy Murray, the New Zealand All Blacks anyone?), as do many well known figures in the entertainment industry (Sting, Robert Downey Jr, Matthew McCanaughey and Woody Harrleson to name a few). Challenge your preconceptions and give it a try – what’s the worst that can happen?

I’m not flexible/ I’m not strong – does it matter?

Harbour yoga teaches a variety of styles that are suitable for everyone, regardless of age, shape, size and level. Our aim is to help you build both attributes through your yoga practice and to reap the benefits associated with improved flexibility and strength.

Is there an upper age limit for the classes?

No! Similar to the question above – this practice is for everyone. We offer modifications and alternatives to postures so that you can find something that works for you. We also want and encourage everyone to learn to listen to their body – after all your body knows what it needs you just need to learn to hear what it’s saying.