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The jewel in the lotus - a Forrest yoga back bending workshop with Craig Norris

This Forrest yoga ceremony will begin with chants of native American, Indian and Tibetan cultures and then continue inwards on a journey to the spiritual heart within each of us. On the way we'll use our asana practice to explore the things that get in the way of expressing our authentic selves (whether through conditioning, shielding or the stories we tell ourselves).  Through the intelligent sequencing of Forrest yoga we will go deep into backbends, side bends and twists to discover what we are holding in our cell tissue that we could possibly be free from (fear, ego, holding back to name a few), allowing our true spiritual heart to be expressed. Be prepared to feel, experience and release using the healing energy of this practice and intent.

This workshop is suitable for all levels of experience and practice. There will be something for everyone!

Craig has dedicated his life to studying various forms of yoga, meditation and chanting, including Ashtanga, Iyengar, Satyananda, Baptiste and Forrest styles. He has further deepened his practice and teaching with studies in meditation, Yoga Nidra and chanting as well as in yoga therapy with Yoga Campus and the Yoga Biomedical Trust. He has great love for the traditional in yoga and continues to study Sanskrit and Vedic chanting as well as Vortex Divine Energy Healing.

Cost: £30

Attend both this workshop and the Kirtan and Yoga Nidra session that follows for the discounted price of £40 (reduced from £50).