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Unspoken Words and Lost Conversations, a Breathwork Journey

Is there a conversation you wish you had had with someone but never got the chance? Are there words between you and someone you love or loved that are or were unspoken? Is there some healing that might happen by bringing light and air to something that has always stuck in your throat?
If the answer is to any of the above is yes, then embarking on a Breathing Space Breathwork Journey may be the answer.
By using Conscious Breath (a specific breathing technique) in a safe environment, each participant is supported to enter a non ordinary, relaxed state of consciousness. It is then possible to have have experiences ranging from the physical to the spiritual and there may be deep and profound healing.
Alternatively, you may just have a relaxed hour of nourishing and relaxing breathing!
If that sounds a bit scary, well in some ways, just like life itself, it is. However, at all times you will be the author of your own experience and will ultimately control how deep you go.
A Breathing Space Breathwork Journey is a safe and gentle process that encourages everyone to explore, experience, express and release their emotions. It is deeply healing and energizing and suitable for almost all people.
Come along see what happens if you dare to speak those unspoken words and have those lost conversations. It might be something amazing.

Cost: £25

The session will be run by Benedict, an experienced breathwork facilitator from Breathing Space.

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